Grain Bin Repairs

Bin Repairs

Do you have a bin which needs repairs? Well, do not worry. At Men of steel Construction, we repair your bin in the best way possible. We understand how important your bins are, as a result, Men of Steel Construction makes your grain bin flawless by repairing it in the best way possible. We repair bins of all makes and sizes – both new and used parts are available for our customers!

Stretch Your Bin

Grain storage is important to all grain farmers, we help maximize your storage by adding capacity to your existing bin by stretching you bin. Stretching your bin adds capacity while utilizing your existing flooring, door, and roof. Stretching bins makes your grain bin more efficient with less time moving auger and the best thing about it is that there are no additional floors for you to clean up.

Grain Bin Repairs Alberta
Grain Bin Moving Bins

Hopper Mounts

A hopper bottom grain bin adds efficiency, safety, and value to your operation.

Need your bin mounted on a hopper? we can do that for you – and ensure you have the proper stiffeners to ensure your bin can take on the added pressure of the faster unloading time.

Steel Floor Mounts

Steel floors are a great option for most grain bins. Steel floors give you a long-lasting durable and they are an economical option. A Steel floor allows the bin to be moved.

Grain Bin Steel Floor Mounts
Grain Bin Remote Lid Openers

Installation Of Collar Upgrades

As farms have grown so have the equipment – but the old bins still have a small have a small opening.

A collar upgrade can give you a 36″ opening on your grain bin. It comes with remote lid openers, so that you can open the lid from the ground, making it easier and safer.

Installation Of Remote Lid Openers

Installing a remote lid opener can streamline the loading of your bin. The ability to open the lid from the ground is not only faster but safer as well.

Grain Bin Remote Lid Openers
4″ Anchor

Installation Of Anchors

Installing an anchor protects your bin from tipping over or blowing away. Anchors are necessary if you want to insure you grain bin.

Moving Bins

We can move bins from 6′ – 27′ diameter. We can move your bins in a variety of ways for producing the best results.

Grain Bin Moving Bins
Grain bin Moving Bins

Need A New Grain Bin Built? We Can Help You!

Need a new Grain bin built, we can help you with that, our team can build you bin from start to finish.

Wood Floor

We can supply, build and mount you grain bin on a wood floor.

Grain Bin Repairs Anchors